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Classic Lashes

Our Classic Lash Set is perfect for everyday wear, it uses single lashes which are placed individually onto your own lashes.   Great for ladies who like a more natural look.  These sets tend to need to be infilled every 2 weeks.

For this look we aim to place 80+ lashes per eye.


Application Time - 1.5 hours

Price - £45

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Hybrid (Classic & Volume)


Our Hybrid lash set is ideal for ladies who really want their lashes to stand out! For these sets we apply individual lashes and fill in between with 2D-3D volume lashes, this gives a much fuller and denser set which lasts longer. 

For this look we aim to place 220+ lashes per eye.


Application Time - 2 hours

Price - £55

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Light Volume (3D-4D)


Our Light Volume lash sets are made using 3D-4D fans, this creates a light fluffy look that can be made denser by making the fans less wide. All of our fans are hand made which ensures a finer base making the lashes super lightweight, clients don't even feel like they're wearing lashes! 

We aim to place 300+ lashes per eye.


Application Time - 2-2.5 hours

Price - £60

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Russian Volume (6D-8D)



These lashes really are the crem de la creme! If you are after a striking look then these are the ones for you! Every fan is hand made to perfection using the wrap around method that ensures no damage is caused to the natural lash. They're dark, dense, full and can be worn for everyday wear or just for those special occasions! 

Volume lashes now available at Hair Fusion, using 8D super light fans.

In total we aim to place 600+ lashes per eye.

Application Time - 3-3.5 hours

Price - £70

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Strip Lash Look (4D-6D)


Our Strip Lashes are the most eye-catching of our lash sets! They contain a mixture of full volume fans and long 'spikes' to give that wispy look. The aim is to mimic that of a strip lash. These sets can be tailored to suit the clients eyes and range from light and natural to dramatic and extremely full! Both great for every day and for special occasions. We aim to lash everyone of your lashes with up to 6D super light fans separated by longer lashes.

In total we aim to place 400+ lashes per eye.


Application Time - 2 -2.5 hours

Price - £65

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Mega Volume (10D-16D)



Mega volume lashes COMING SOON!


Application Time - 3.5-4 hours

Price - £80