LA Weave

The LA Weave method is fastly becoming one of the most popular hair extension methods.  It combines both weft and micro rings and is securly held in place for upto 8 weeks before maintenance is needed.  This method allows for the most volume to be created. Each row lays flat and is very comfortable to wear, best for medium to thick hair.

Prices starting from £175


Micro Locs

The Micro Loc method is an individual extension method.  Single strands of prebonded hair are attached using small copper tubes which match the colour of your own hair making them extremely discreet.  This method with last around 3 months before needing refitted.  Suitable for all hair types.  


Prices starting from £215



Mini Locks

The Mini Lock method by Remy Cachet uses one of the smallest locks currently on the market, measuring just 2.8mm.  This is the same concept as the Micro Loc method however the attachement is much smaller making it great for extremely fine hair.  This method uses a Russian/Mongolian mix hair which will last between 9-12 months.  This method also needs refitting every 3months.


Prices starting from £280


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